Are we nearly there yet?

Almost…we’re just getting everything ship shape

Soon we’ll be waving au revoir to our old website and saying hello to a brand spanking new one. While we’re making the final touches, here’s a sneaky peek of the great things you can expect on board.

Take a closer look

Plan your own adventure

Travel the way you want with new flexible ticket bundles. And if you can’t quite make up your mind, you can always hold a quote and book when you’ve decided.

Easier bookings

Easy peasy bookings

Now you’ll be able to manage your bookings, cancel them or add on those little extras. Not to mention the option to save all of your passengers’ details ready for your next trip.

Sail your way

Skip to the things you like

Have a preferred route? We’ll remember it. So the next time you visit you’ll land on the right page straight away. You’ll also see offers that we think will be just your cup of tea.

Mobile friendly

Do it all on the move

Hurrah! The site will be mobile friendly. So book your trip, check out the shops on board or make last minute changes on the hoof. It’s your call.